• Bible Study Services
• Starting at 7:00 PM
• Learn more about the fundamental truths of the Christian faith and how to apply them in your daily life through Bible sermons and studies of God’s Word.



• Services of the Societies
• Starting at 7:00 PM
• Join our societies and experience a time of faith and deep communion with God.



• Worship Services
• Starting at 5:00 PM
• Join our congregation as we praise God with contemporary hymns and songs, led by a dynamic worship team.


Our vision is to impart the word of God in its pure context. A message of guidance and light in this challenging world. We strive to give new visitors an understanding of his word and the priceless wisdom found within it.

Our name is the example of what has happened in our lives. “Gethsemane” a place where the olive tree is grown, better known as the place where Jesus prayed. Many forget the process that He went through in that place to be ready to give his life for you and me.

To have oil on your table, the olive goes through a process and the most difficult is when it enters a press and it is squeezed until the best is taken out of it, a pure oil.

You may wonder why we can tell you about this? Simple, we’ve been inside that press allowing God to get the best out of us.
Do you want to get the best out of you? Come and meet us. You will not regret it. You have a lot to gain and nothing to lose. We will wait for you.



José David Vázquez Lopéz
Jenny lvette Bruno Rodríguez

660 N. Charlotte St.
Pottstown PA, 19464