Getsemani Shower Curtain

Transform your bathroom into a serene sanctuary with the Getsemani Shower Curtain. Designed in a pristine white, this curtain becomes a canvas showcasing our striking Church logo. Large and impactful, the logo spans across the curtain, turning a simple shower into a moment of reflection and tranquility. Made with high-quality materials to ensure privacy and durability, this shower curtain does more than just adorn your space—it brings a sense of peace and a reminder of your faith into your daily routine. Elevate your bathroom with this elegant and meaningful decor piece.



The Getsemani Shower Curtain is made with 12-stitch enforced eyelets and a 100% polyester material to provide a long-lasting decoration.

  • 100% Polyester
  • One size: 71″ × 74″
  • 12 stitch-enforced buttonholes
  • One-sided print
  • Hooks not included

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